Patient Uploads

Please use the links below (in green) to be directed to the secure file upload pages.

 Please do NOT upload MRI, X-Ray, or EEG files.

**If possible, please add the first two initials of the patient's first and last name to the filename of any photo or video so we can identify them.**
Example for patient "John Doe":  IMG_1234.jpg  becomes IMG_1234_JoDo.jpg

Uploads From A Computer

To upload documents click here

To upload photos click here

To upload videos click here 
(please limit uploads to 500MB or less)

Uploads From A Smart Phone

To upload pictures/videos/documents from your phone:
1) Open a browser (Safari, Chrome, DuckDuckGo, Firefox, etc.)
2) Navigate to one of the following websites, depending on your content
    For videos:
    For pictures:
    For documents:
3) Select "Click here to select files from your computer"
4) Choose "Photo Library", "Gallery", or wherever your file(s) are located
5) Select your file(s)
5a) For an iPhone select "Add" in the upper right of your screen (this may take a while)
5b) For an Android select "Done" at the bottom of your screen (this may take a while)
6) Wait patiently until your phone returns to our secure website
7) Back at the website page, select "Start Upload" at the bottom of the page
     This may take a while.....
8) Wait until you get a green banner stating "X file(s) successfully uploaded"
9) Ta daaaaa.

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