Secure Uploads

1 CP Place uses IronBox for HIPAA compliant secure uploads.  Patients and Vendors can upload documents, photos/pics, or videos and be assured that their information is protected.  Please use the following links to be directed to the secure file upload pages.  Please do NOT upload MRI, X-Ray, or EEG files.

**Please add the first two initials of the patient's first and last name to the filename of any photo or video so we can identify them.**
Example for patient "John Doe":  IMG_1234.jpg  becomes IMG_1234_JoDo.jpg

Patient Uploads

To upload documents click here

To upload photos click here

To upload videos click here (please limit uploads to 500MB or less)

Vendor and Healthcare Provider Uploads

Vendors and Healthcare Providers, please upload documents and other materials by clicking here

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